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Alma College Lives in our Memories…

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 Alma College was a private girls’ boarding school built in 1878. This landmark Gothic Revival style building was located at 96 Moore St. in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. It opened in 1881 as a liberal arts college for young women, offering courses in literature, arts, business and music.

The school ceased operations in 1988, and closed formally in 1994. Unfortunately, the main building was destroyed by a fire on May 28, 2008.

This online community was created to preserve something of this important place.

Alumnae who attended the college have told their memorable stories about living and studying at school, in hopes that you will read and enjoy them here.

In this way, Alma will live on…

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  1. This is awesome Steve. When I drove cab back in the 80’s I would drive some of the girls to their homes in Komoka and to London. This was a beautiful school. Thank you for doing this site. 🙂


  2. When I went to Alma for grade twelve in 1968 I lived in what was called “The New Residence” . Al leak developed in the ceiling betweeen my bed and my roommate Vickie Gibbard’s bed.. We commandeered one of the large plastic garbage pails from the hallway and placed it in the middle of the room so that it would catch the drips. It must have been a particularly rainy season because we kept the pail there for some time – it was almost half full as I recall. Well the principle at the time, Dr Flora Sifton got word of this and came over outfitted in a plastic rain hat, a black Persian coat and those old fashioned rubber boots that are formed to fit over top sensible heels. She grabbed one of the desk chairs and proceeded to stand on it and lift the ceiling panel that seemed to be the source of the leak . Well, a torrential deluge of water hit her head as if someone had just thrown a large bucket of water at her. As fond of Dr Sifton as I was and as much as I respected her, it was quite difficult to stifle the uproarious laughter that was welling up inside of meat the sight of this.

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  3. I found a sheet of paper about the activities in a commencement and I took it to the Archives. Also had a post card with a picture of young ladied sitting in white dresses in a sunken structure for some official something. Will try and find and post.


  4. I was a student there from 1983-1987 its was the most memorable times. It was not just a school ,it was our home. Yes there were ghosts but they did not mean to harm us in any way. RB


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